Twitter Timewarp Tuesday #24

I’ma keep doing this until you like it.

Can someone tell me how the Hell Friendster metamorphosized into an Asian gaming website?

It’s only $0.88.

Lousy Polar Vortex…

I should have just paid for a plow or some neighbour kid to take care of it.

The snowbank was about 6 feet high. I was worried he was going to break his neck.

It Canada, our celebrity albino groundhog died unexpectedly just before Groundhog day, so they tried to pass an new groundhog off as the old one, but people could tell the difference. It was quite the controversy. Canada is adorable.

My grandfather had his first heart attack in his 30s. I probably shouldn’t do things like this.

A group of crows is called a “murder”. This a fact that people constantly feel the need to inform be of, as if I didn’t already learn it as a small child. I read books once and a while, you know.

There has to be a better way!

Why does every can opener break in the middle of the night, when I only have soup in the house and I can’t go out to get more food?


And now I shall return to my evil deeds!

Winter Hope

I hope that we don’t have another polar vortex this year. We really don’t need another snowmegeddon, snowpocalypse or snownarok.

I hope I don’t have to break out my thermal underpants, just to walk the dog.

I hope that I don’t have to chug hot chocolate to stay warm. (I will do it anyway, though.)

I hope global warming causes a year-round summer.

I hope that I don’t have to do that thing where you wear, like, three pairs of socks, in order to keep your toes from freezing solid and falling off.

I hope that I don’t have to fight that yeti again this year.

I hope that I don’t have to fight Santa VS the Snowman.

I hope that they re-release Die Hard, so that I can see it on the big screen or the first time.

I hope that the snow never gets too high for the pizza delivery guy.

I hope that the snow doesn’t knock the internet out

I hope that the polar bears don’t get me.

I hope that the whore frost doesn’t steal my man.

I hope that I can find snowshoes in my size.

I hope that a snowy owl won’t claw my eyes out.

I hope that The Day After Tomorrow doesn’t happen and a glacier chases me down a hallway.

I hope for delicious mulled wine to loll me to sleep.

I hope for Emo Philips to LOL me to sleep.

I hope or a luxurious winter coat made from lemur pelts.

I hope that the stupid Polar Express, with its mutant dead-eyed children, stays the Hell away from me.

I hope that I become the new Queen of Winter.

Snowpocalypse Snowmageddon Snownarok

It snowed a lot.

a drawing of a person and a dog covered in snow

Like, it totally snowed everywhere, man. It snowed in the streets. It snowed on the roofs. It snowed in the fields.

How can our government allow this?

How can we hope to live normal lives when we’re constantly besieged from all sides by frozen water?



The roads got covered in snow. We should put all the roads underground, where they’ll be safe.



I have broken all my furniture down into kindling. When the snow comes for me, I’ll be ready for it.

What if the road to the Walmart gets closed? Where will I get the energy drinks that I need to survive!?

My feet were cold. I had to wear two sets of socks.

Wear a hat? But. But. But. HAT HAIR!

My dog was buried in the snow. I suppose I will see him again in the Spring.

Black ice. White ice. Can’t all the ice just get along?

I had to use a shovel to dig my way out. Manual labour in this day and age? The can make bacon mayonnaise technology, but they can’t give me snow-shovelling robot?

I look silly in these snow pants.