Twitter Timewarp Tuesday #28


Yes, we get it, GRRM. The Middle Ages sucked and everyone died.

I don’t even know why I watch Game of Thrones anymore. It’s stupid and sleazy and I hate it… Buuuuut, I ‘ve invested so much time into it already, I guess I have to see it through to the end.

Has anyone ever gone into anaphylactic shock from a blackfly bite? I get a swollen bump about the size of a small apple every time a blackfly bites me. It would really suck if a teeny tiny bug caused me to die.

It was in the middle of the day, too. Why can’t drunk, gross guys ever tell when they’re standing too close to people?

One time, I found a spider egg sac in one of my bras. I like spiders. Why do they keep trying to feast upon me?

Does it actually count as a three meat pizza when all the meats are technically pork?

Well, you see, what happened was that England defeated France in the Eugenics Wars. That’s why Picard speaks with an English accent.

I still don’t have one of those stupid cookie warnings on any of my websites. If a person doesn’t know that pretty much every website uses cookies, then they deserve whatever bad thing happens to them… which will be nothing.

Schooling can teach you how to be smart, but it can’t teach you how to be a smartass.

Yeah, Drunk Laurel, yer REEAALLL special and junk.

I’ve grown as a person since this and no longer enjoy artificially flavoured liquors. I’m thinking of becoming one of those assholes with five different bottles of bitters. I’m thinking of saying “mouth feel” a lot.


I’m going to commit certain deeds now. See you later.