People Keep Dropping Off Sprockets at My House

What? Do they think this is a steampunk convention?

Do they think that I’m a mad scientist building evil robots or something? I’m actually an angry scientist.

Is this a prank by those kids who like the animes?

What good are sprockets without chains? I only have half of the equation here!

They could have at least washed off the grease, before they dropped them on my welcome mat. How am I to clean up this mess?

It’s times like these that I wish that I knew how to ride a bike. Bike need sprockets, right?

Can I use these to repair my RoboCop?

Maybe I’ll build a giant mech, that’ll show those fools.

How much is scrap metal going for these days? I’m asking for a friend of mine.

At least I’ll never go hungry again.

Would you like to touch my monkey?

Thing-A-Day 2014 Day 5: Bauble Ring

a photo of a hand with a ring with golden baubles on it
Bauble Ring

Our Christmas crackers from last year had these little wires with golden baubles on each end wrapped around them and I thought they were neat, so I saved them. Well, I was looking at the bauble wires today and I thought, you know, those might make a cute ring, so I twisted the wires into a loop and arranged the baubles into a sort of flower shape.