Wine Watch 2014 – Day 3 – Leak

It’s the third day of my Mini Wine Paks fermenting. Let’s have ourselves a little look-see, shall we? SHALL WE?

a photo of a bag of merlot and a bag of chardonnay fermenting
They’re still doing their thing.

The bags seem to be bubbling just as much as yesterday. Everything seems to be progressing splendidly. Well, except for one problem…

 a closeup photo of a duct tape patch on a hole in a fermenting bag

The merlot bag sprung a small hole where the pouch attaches to the cap, even though the cap was loosened to allow gas to escape. I used a bit of duct tape to cover the hole. Everything should be fine as long as it’s only gas escaping and no air getting in… I think.

I’m going to end up with a metric crap-tonne of red wine vinegar, aren’t I? Bleh.