Twitter Timewarp Tuesday #2

Hey kids! It’s time for another Twitter Timewarp Tuesday! These come from the days my infamous Maharishi phase.

We can put bacon in mayonnaise but we can’t perfect the bird teeth cleaning technology that crocodiles have had for centuries?

Seriously, you never have to close a door behind you at any other point in the game and there is nothing that indicates that this particular door is special and needs to be closed.

My favourite Myst games was Myst III: Exile, because it was the only one where the puzzles made any sense and it’s probably important to note that it was developed by Presto Studios, who also developed The Journeyman Project series (which I also loved), and not Cyan. Myst III: Exile makes me a bit sad though, because they didn’t developer Journeyman Project 4 because of it.

It also annoys me that Marine Dr. in Chicago runs alongside a lake.

I’m allergic to grass and I think that it looks horribly bland.

I think it’s only necessary to call something “fruity”, if it doesn’t already have the name of an actual fruit in the title.

Did you know that a lot of lipsticks use ground-up fish scales to make them sparkle or shimmer?

My nemesis thinks that he’s got me be, little does he know that I’ve got another trick up my sleeve.

I’m really sad that the vikings never really wore those horned helmets. If I could, I’d rearrange history to fit my preconceived visions of it.

Remember those weird tiny spoons that McDonalds used to have? They were supposed to be used to stir coffee, but, apparently people mostly used them to do bumps of cocaine, as they were the perfect size for it.

This my favourite quote from Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge.

Well, that’s all for this week. Maybe there will be more next week or maybe there won’t be. I like to play things fast and loose.