Thing-A-Day 2013 Day 3: Paper Snowflake

a photograph of a paper snowflake

You know, it dawned on me recently that I haven’t made a paper snowflake in years, so I thought, Hell, why not do one for one of my things.

The snowflake kept folding itself back up when I was trying to take a picture of it. I didn’t drag out my iron to iron out the folds, partially out of laziness and partially out of fear of burning the house down.

Thing-A-Day 2013 Day 1: Flower Columns

Hey, it’s another Thing-A-Day! Let’s see if I can go the whole month, like I did last year.

a paint of columns with daisies inside them
Too Colourful

Today’s thing is a painting that I don’t particularly like.

I was trying to play around with negative space, but with all the different colours I used, it just ended up looking busy. I’m thinking of doing this painting over and just using black and white.

I also had some problems with the paint bleeding under the tape. I need to make sure to press the tape down with the back of my fingernail really hard the next time I attempt a thing like this.