I Ate Half a Cake

Yeah, so, I ate half a cake today… And I kinda want to eat the remaining half.

I’m pretty sure that cake is actually good for you. We’ve all been deceived by BIG VEGGIE into believing that cake is bad for you.

I’ll have you know that humans were eating cakes for centuries before they were eating vegetables, and we all know that the ancient ways are he best. In fact, neanderthals made cakes out of an ancient grain long since lost to the annals of time and that’s what gave them their hardy delicious beards. They were the hairiest and hardiest of men. We should all turn into neanderthals again. It would be great.

Imagine it: roaming the plains, stark raving naked, covered in beards and free as a crazy rabbit or something.

That’s how man is supposed to live.

You can’t be a neanderthal with an iPad. Don’t even try. You’ll fail. You’ll fail like your mother failed at raising you. That’s the worst kind of failure.

Your mom would make a better neanderthal than you. Your mom has a better beard than you. You should have listened to her when you were a kid.

Your mom never baked you a cake for your birthday, though. Maybe that’s where the trouble started. The trouble always starts when you are a child. If only we cold skip childhood, then everything would be hunky dory.

Sometimes, I use the phrases of an 85-year-old. The stole the words from him when he was spewing his dying breath. It’s easy to steal things from dying people.

When I’m on my death bed, someone will probably steal my cake.